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35 years of rich, unique, and diverse music programming which served the greater Seattle community, was cut at KBCS...and nobody asked for your opinion!

On August 24, 2009, KBCS management completed Phase 1 of their programming changes. This is a complete revamp of the weekday programming with 4 hours less music each weekday!

• Drive Time Jazz! Gone.
Now replaced by canned talk and news programming with no local connection to the Seattle area.

• Mid-Morning Jazz Hosts! Gone.
Bud Young, Bernie Goldberg, Joanie Nelson, and Al Barnes have all been forcibly replaced by a single show "The Caravan," hosted by paid host, John Gilbreath.

• Lunch With Folks! Gone. One of the longest running shows for over two decades has become "The Outskirts", a mix of folk-rock, alt-country, electric blues, R & B, pop, and other styles of "Americana" (along with a smattering of contemporary and traditional folk music). The show is currently hosted by volunteers, but once the new format is fully realized and funds are available, they plan to seek one paid host.

• Daily Planet! Gone. KBCS's premier world music program is now gone - replaced by yet more canned talk and news.

And this is only Phase 1. Yet to come are Phases 2 and 3 which will affect weekend and evening programming.

Current KBCS management asserts that "The stated intent of these changes is to create a more consistent sound so that listeners will stay tuned longer throughout the day." So, let us ask you the following:

Are they succeeding?
Do you agree with these changes?
Do these changes make KBCS less valuable to you?
Are you a past member, supporter or volunteer?
How will these changes affect your participation and/or support?

If you're as upset as we are over these new changes, please let us know what you think at SaveKBCS@gmail.com or send your thoughts directly to KBCS management at listenercomment@kbcs.fm

Help keep the "Community" in your Community Radio Station!
KBCS is almost entirely supported by listener (YOUR) contributions. YOUR opinions and decision whether or not to continue giving financial support speaks volumes!

During the last membership drive (October 8-18, 2009) 1/3 of listeners let it be known just how they felt about these new changes by refusing to continue their financial support.

Spread the word that you demand the old programming back. This time, with listener input and future funding set aside specifically for an effective marketing strategy!

Save KBCS is not affiliated with KBCS Radio, nor Bellevue College. Join us on these social media sites!