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Thank you for all your email comments! There are 4 pages of archived Listener Comments by which to access (at left) July - October 2009. For new comments, please visit the Save KBCS blog.

Community member' comments: July 1, 2009 - July 10, 2009.

07/01/2009 11:51 AM
Hello , Hey I want these radio shows on the AIR.. Vintage jazz , 20th Century Jazz, Dave Long , Jeans Show etc ,etc this is our history that can be heard.
07/08/2009 10:59 PM
No. No. No....they CAN'T change KBCS. If they do, I will NEVER donate another penny (and I usually donate at least $100/year).
I love Lunch with Folks, Caravan and all the other wonderful, volunteer-driven music. The station is a jewel. What do we need to do to keep this from happening?
07/08/2009 10:59 PM
I am writing to confirm that yes the proposed changes to the morning lineup would make KBCS *much* less valuable to me! No drivetime jazz? No Bud & Don Show? No bebop spoken here? I don't know what I'll do, except stop listening to the station! I love these shows and their hosts. Why take away the community connectedness of the station by taking away volunteers? Why take away the good music and the dedicated hosts? Please don't make these changes!
07/08/2009 11:18 PM
Hi I have been a countinuous supporter of KBCS for around 10 to 15 years. If you make the following changes I will no longer support the station: "This first phase of programming changes will result in the elimination of over 20 volunteer hosts along with their formidable knowledge, expertise, and passion for the music of their respective genres, to be replaced by two to four paid DJs."
07/08/2009 11:30 PM
I fully object to these changes!
* Would these changes make KBCS less valuable to you? YES
* Are you a member/supporter/volunteer? Supporter
* How would these changes affect your participation and support?
I will not listen to the new programs and will discontinue my support.
07/08/2009 11:52 PM
We don't need another KUOW. I rarely listen to KUOW because it's too much talk.
I am currently a regular contributor to KBCS ($20 per month). My favorite shows are John Sincock's and Richard Gilman's Lunch With Folks - I don't like typical Americana which would probably be played by a paid DJ. Other favorites include Daily Planet, Spice Route, Eric Hardee's Folk Show, Diana May's Lounge Room, Sunday's Hornpipe, John Galbrath's Caravan, Joanie's 20th Century Jazz, Weekend morning Folk Shows, and AuntMama stories. The only news I listen to regularly is the 6:00 am Democracy Now!, otherwise, I prefer music (chosen by volunteer hosts) when I turn on the radio.
I will be moving to Orcas Island at the end of August. But I was planning to continue my regular donation to KBCS and listen online. However, if KBCS gets rid of my favorite programs and adds more talk, I will terminate my donation.
KBCS is the best radio station in the country - please keep it that way.
7/08/2009 11:54 PM
In the 22 years I've lived in Seattle, I have listened primarily to KBCS. I have been a member much of that time. I have even subscribed some years since I moved to a residence where I can't tune in KBCS. I have had a KBCS bumbersticker on my car. I have turned innumerable people on to KBCS.
Your proposed changes would go a long, long ways toward completely destroying the value of the station for me.
Drivetime Jazz, The Bud & Don Show, Bebop Spoken Here, 20th Century Jazz Vintage Jazz, and The Caravan are absolute favorites of mine. They entertain me and educate me. Dropping them would be insane. They are unique treasure troves of musical delight.
How can I live without Lunch With Folks? It is a staple of my day. And, it plays all kinds of music I just can't hear anywhere else.
Daily Planet is just fabulous, truly excellent. I would miss it horribly.
If you drop any of these shows, I promise to never give you a penny again, and to tell everyone I know that KBCS totally sucks since the bean counters destroyed the best radio in western Washington.
7/09/2009 12:11 AM
I am writing this in support of opposing the changes to KBCS programming.
In particular I am opposed to increasing News and Public Affairs programming. I always tune off when these shows come on.
7/09/2009 12:39 AM
I am a long time listener to this unique and wonderful station. I am
dismayed at the proposed changes. Please keep this unique and valuable
station, with its music from all over the globe alive
7/09/2009 12:40 AM
I have just learned with dismay of the programming changes planned for KBCS and the plan to replace volunteer hosts with paid hosts.
I can't imagine losing Lunch With Folks and Daily Planet. KBCS is the only radio station I ever listen to, and I listen to it because of these programs and other programs like them. I also appreciate the volunteer hosts who know so much about the music on the programs they host.
KBCS is absolutely wonderful as it is. In fact, I prefer it to any station I have ever listened to. Please don't change the programming.
7/09/2009 04:26 AM
* Would these changes make KBCS less valuable to you? Completely. The current programming is what makes the station worth listening to. The individual character of the programs and the hosts gives a wonderful variety to the station, setting it apart from everything else on the air. * How would these changes affect your participation and support? There would be no reason to support the station if they removed everything that was worth supporting about it.
7/09/2009 05:16 AM
I'm a long-time supporter, financially, of KBCS and I'm outraged at the proposed changes to programs and content. I will stop listening to KBCS and find another place to put my dollars if these changes go through.
7/09/2009 06:25 AM
Your description of proposed changes at KBCS does sound alarming, particularly when recalling similar purges of volunteers which have occurred throughout the ‘public radio’ system since the 1990s.
Your flyer would be greatly improved by including links to your sources for the changes. Do they come from openly developed KBCS policy? Is there a discussion of them on the KBCS website?
Replacing two hours of Drive Time Jazz and Daily Planet with four more hours of far-left political blather is particularly serious. The radio spectrum has too much of this already, and music should not be made an endangered species in favor of it.
And replacing volunteer music programmers with paid fonctionnaires, centrally guided from headquarters, is another blow to the concept of ‘community radio’. The community includes all of us, PARTICULARLY volunteers, and it’s hard to avoid thinking that ‘community’ will simply become a slogan supporting one single faction. Diversity it’s not.
And ‘Lunch with Folks’ is where our family goes to listen. We like it as it is, and would be very skeptical of replacing its hosts.
I am a paid supporter of KBCS, for music and against political blather, as I always note on my contribution packages. Eliminating any music at all will jeopardize the will to contribute, and will certainly spread more gloom through an already gloomy world.
7/09/2009 06:39 AM
I don’t like the sound of this. How set in stone are the proposed changes?
7/09/2009 06:41 AM
if the programs i have been listening to for over 15 years go away, we will simplly stop donating to KBCS. We love Lunch with Folks, Drive Time Jazz and Daily Planet. KBCS is one of the few real radio shows. If you kill it, we will simply change the station.
7/09/2009 06:54 AM
Hello, I have listened to KBCS for many years, and am a fan of much of the music programming. I donate during the pledge drives to support the programming I love. I hear that changes are in store for KBCS, and I'm writing in hopes that you'll keep the programs that are important to me:
Bluegrass Ramble, with host Dave Long Walking the Floor, with host Iaan Hughes Vintage Jazz, with Al Barnes 20th Century Jazz, with Joanie Nelson Daily Planet, most hosts. I also treasure Democracy Now.
Please keep these important shows. If KBCS gets homogonized like most other stations, I certainly will neither be listening nor donating any longer.
7/09/2009 06:55 AM
I love Lunch with Folks! Please keep this on and running. Thanks
7/09/2009 07:17 AM
To John and all/KBCS.
I hate the changes you have spoken of. From my point of view it is TOTALLY horrible and nonsensical.
After providing the wonderful, fantastic innovation of providing stored playlists and ability to stream broadcasts of PAST SHOWS OF OUR FAVORITE MUSIC PROGRAMS IN THE PAST FEW WEEKS.....
THEY DUMP THE VALUE OF THIS? for some kind of watered down paid staff doing the same damn thing you can get on KUOW< NPR KXOT and a million other stations.....who needs more "news" and commentary?
I have given moneyand subscribed to KBCS even though I live way the hell down on KEY PENINSULA PIERCE COUNTY and can barely get signal here, ONLY because of the folk music selections. NOBODY ELSE in WESTERN WASHINGTON EVEN COMES CLOSE TO KBCS, AND its due to people like JOHN SINCOCK AND ALL THE VOLUNTEER HOSTS. KPLU at least has some jazz, but its typically marshmellow NPR homogenized compared to the diversity on KBCS.
I have supported the station because of Democracy NOW and folk music. Everything being suggested is crazy. Did we give the station "toomuch money?" do they think they have to PAY staff to spend money? why not help out the volunteer hosts who've been doing this for years for nothing? use it to buy more music? I don't know why KBCS wants to compete against bad radio by becoming bad radio itself.
I would gladly triple the money I've sent in the past few years to stop this.
7/09/2009 07:21 AM
Dear KBCS Management:
Mimi and I have been regular listeners to KBCS for many years. We have been regular donors, as well, for several years and consider our membership in the KBCS community to be one of the highlights of our local community. Twice a year, we make donations, typically in excess of $100 each time, to support the programming and development of this fine radio station. As our children are now raised and we have more disposable income, our donations have slowly increased over the years. We do this because we believe in participating in the community we love. We do this because we have both lived elsewhere and find the wide diversity at KBCS to be a unique broadcasting format that simply cannot be duplicated elsewhere. We do this because we enjoy being able to tune in our radio dial and hear the volunteer hosts be some of the individuals we know from our local music community.
While I do appreciate having some news programmed into the mix, the primary source of my enjoyment has been the dedication of volunteer hosts who work diligently to provide me with a wide variety of world, folk and jazz. The morning programming on weekends has been a staple of our cultural feast. Lunch With Folk has been a regular part of my life for many years now. Drive Time Jazz has been my only refuge from the other (conservative AND liberal) news formatted radio broadcasts. I don't need yet one more station playing the same news broadcasts I can find on every other station. What I need from my radio is music with local flavor, local connections, community based, community run and community sponsored.
I am saddened by the changes I am reading about lately. Now that Bellevue Community College is no longer a COMMUNITY college, maybe the powers that be feel they need to become more mainstream and ignore the traditions that brought it to where it is today. Perhaps management feels they need to reach out to a broader part of the community and that converting the only local eclectic community music station into a format that more resembles "All News All The Time" is the formula they believe will get them there. I disagree. Without programs like Vintage Jazz, Lunch With Folk, Our Morning Tradition, Drive Time Jazz and some of the other programs we have come to rely on, there simply won't be a reason to tune in. And when we don't tune in, we also won't want to provide financial support. Our entire community will lose out. What has made KBCS a success has been its uniqueness. I suspect that the changes being planned will remove any motivation for folks like us to tune in.
You will, of course, find many "people" who will provide financial support for your endeavors. Larger, corporate donors will replace our individual donations and will demand to have their fingerprints in the broadcasting. KBCS will then become just another radio station. It is why I quit listening to KUOW and rarely listen to KPLU. With streaming internet, I can find other sources for music. The difference is that they are not a part of my local community. I fear the management of KBCS has lost touch with the value of LOCAL community, and has made a decision to try to be the new big kid on the block. Well, when you take the neighbors out of the neighborhood, you become just another Wal-Mart. I'm not interested. I'll watch over the next 6 months. Our last contribution of $120 in May would typically be matched in the fall pledge drive. I know this is peanuts by comparison, but it is one little bag of peanuts that will go elsewhere.
In closing, I would like to thank the many fine individuals who have drawn me into the local music community through participation in KBCS. Yo've been a big part of my life for the last 20 or so years.
7/09/2009 07:39 AM
I am strongly opposed to the planned changes in the programming structure of KBCS. The current structure has a broad appeal and a strong sense of community which will disappear once the changes are implemented.
7/09/2009 07:48 AM
Hello, I have been KBCS supporter for many years and will not be supporting KBCS if these changes occur. The shows I enjoy are being eliminated. Even if we can listen to them on the web, some people do not have access to that. KBCS needs to stay diverse, this means keeping your volunteer DJ's, who won't play a "canned" music schedule. We don't need any more talk radio! Even though I don't listen to Drive time Jazz, or enjoy the international music, there are many immigrants to need and look forward to hearing their music. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? There is no other radio station like KBCS. Please don't take away our variety! Don't take away 20th Century Jazz! I listen to it every week. And what is going to happen to our weekend shows? Who is running KBCS now? I have paid lots of money ( happily) to support KBCS and would like to continue, but right now, that money will not be coming your way.
7/09/2009 07:51 AM
I love the program as IT IS. KBCS offers unique, interesting, diverse programming with knowledgeable hosts. Please do not change what is already so very good.
7/09/2009 07:56 AM
As a long time listener, station volunteer and monetary contributor I am absolutely stunned to hear that KBCS would even think about drastically changing their programming.
With entertaining volunteer DJ's and a loyal audience I fail to understand why someone would consider changing the programming so dramatically.
Simply put, I will not have a reason to listen to the station or participate further if the changes listed in the email I received occur.
This is a shame.
7/09/2009 08:03 AM
Hi – please, please don't take away the morning jazz shows - please keep Al Barnes, Joanie Nelson and Bernie Goldberg - Their knowledge and taste in the best decades of jazz are invaluable. Same goes for Lunch with Folks and Daily Planet. Plus those shows not only introduce many listeners to incredible music they might never hear, but they also provide a much-needed and most-appreciated venue to promote local musicians and live performances.
Replacing these important shows with mediocre, uninformed DJs would not only be a disaster for KBCS, it’d also be a huge loss to the Northwest.
7/09/2009 08:08 AM
As a regular kbcs contributor and listener, I am appalled at the proposed changes to the programming. Indeed, the news of proposed changes resonates like a joke to me. How could these changes even be considered? The volunteer hosts have done a fabulous job. We can listen to 91.5 any time we want, if we want talk in the morning or news instead of Daily Planet in the afternoon. We can listen to other jazz stations if we want a single paid host for multiple hours. But we do not. We like Lunch with the Folks! Please don't give us more homogenized Americana programming. We need a music station reflecting the diversity of music knowledge in the Seattle area. To lose the current kbcs volunteers' programming would affect our daily lives quite negatively.
Please do not make any of your drastic changes to kbcs!
7/09/2009 08:16 AM
Dear KBCS,
Please do not change your current programing. If you do I will have to listen to my own CD's instead of the radio. We already have too much talk-radio in this area. I need more folk-music-radio not less. You have wonderful programing now. Would you please tell me how your plans will help me to be an informed folk musician?
Please, reconsider!!!!!
7/09/2009 08:24 AM
To whom it may concern:
I live in Charlottesville Virginia. I find the KBCS radio shows very refreshing ,varied ,informative, and fun! I certainly hope you will consider retaining the VOLUNTEER hosts who are really experts in their field of music knowledge, enthusiastic, and are saving you MONEY!!! Why would you want to pay other people and change the wonderful shows that now exist???
I hope you will consider this more carefully before making such abrupt and unnecesaary changes.
7/09/2009 08:25 AM
Help - I live as far away as Hawaii and KBCS is my favorite way to keep in touch!
* Would these changes make KBCS less valuable to you? Heck yes! It'll disappear.
* Are you a member/supporter/ volunteer? Have been.
* How would these changes affect your participation and support?
Seattle has one of the largest islander populations outside of Hawaii, especially as students working in the area. It's such a good place to keep in touch with ukulele's and such and that's just for starters, like valuable info and stuff.
Please, no disappear, hear?
Aloha - Mahalo Nui Loa!
7/09/2009 08:25 AM
KBCS provides a lovely assortment of jazz, folk, world, or other eclectic music that isn't easy to find elsewhere. This is my type of music, along with thousands of others - like a lot of the folks who attend the Northwest Folklife Festival. And that amounts to 250,000 people who are "in" to this type of music. Please please please do not change the programming!!
7/09/2009 08:32 AM
I love the current set-up at KBCS. The kind of programming they have is unique on my radio dial. I deliberately direct my public radio donations to KBCS because they are run by so many volunteers playing unique music (like vintage jazz and the Hawaiian show) that I cannot find anywhere else. I will most definitely not be contributing to a redesigned KBCS that drops these wonderful volunteer hosts.
I beg you to reconsider the special place this radio station holds in our culture. Please maintain it's uniqueness. I can promise to maintain my financial support while you do.
7/09/2009 08:40 AM
To whom it may concern,
The loss of or homogenizing of the morning jazz programing and afternoon folk shows would render this station useless to me. The DJ's of these shows have many community contacts and are a large part of what makes KBCS unique.
Please do not change what is loved and has severd well Seattle's jazz and folk community for many years.
7/09/2009 08:46 AM
As a paying member of KBCS, I can tell you that the proposed program changes will cause me to stop listening and to terminate my financial support of the station. The reason I love KBCS and support it financially is because of the music programming. "Lunch with Folks," "Daily Planet," and the morning jazz programs staffed by volunteers are a regular part of my day. There's already plenty of news, talk, and canned programming on the radio. KBCS' programming has been a unique gem. Please keep the music programming as it is.
7/09/2009 08:47 AM
I was a supporter of KBCS and appreciated the diverse programming available only on KBCS - my music horizons have been greatly expanded. A year ago I left Seattle and moved to Tennessee - I still listened to a few programs via streaming, and when pledge time came around I pledged to KBCS as well as my local listener-supported station. If these drastic programming changes occur, I will stop supporting KBCS, the radio programming that sustained me.
7/09/2009 08:49 AM
Why are you afraid of being unique ? And why do you choose to become so generic ? I listen to KBCS because I find music that is not readily available on other stations . I have a wide , and eclectic taste in music , that is not always available else where . If, and when you change your format , you will have lost another listener . I really, REALLY hope it is not to late for you to reconsider... and that you will continue your programing just as it is.
7/09/2009 08:58 AM
Morning,I am a new listener to Community Radio station within the past month and just learned from a friend whom I dance with about format changes at your station. I love the diversity of music provided by the multiple programs. Currently I am listening to a morning jazz format that is wonderful. I have left other stations which provide a narrower selection or a more national format in favor of the local flavor you provide. I cannot urge you enough to reconsider keeping your current line-up or you may find me a lost fan in search of another diverse station.
7/09/2009 09:13 AM
To Whom It May Concern:
I understand that major changes are in the works for music programming at KBCS.
I am a daily listener of your folk music programs. I listen to Lunch With Folks, Folksounds, Road Songs, Womanotes, Bluegrass Ramble, and Sunday's Hornpipe. KBCS is the only radio station in the area that plays this kind of music and it would be a tragedy if they should discontinue this programming. If this occurred I would no longer have a reason to listen to or support KBCS. What would be the purpose?
Please do not make the proposed changes. KBCS programming is perfect the way it is - why change it?
7/09/2009 09:15 AM
I have heard the news that you plan on drastic cuts to your music line up? I hope this is false as this is why I listen to your station. If this is financial then you should let the listeners know, though I believe you reached your goal at the last fund raiser.
I do know that if it isn't broken, don't fix it. I love your radio station just the way it is. The diverse and often local mix of musicians is so needed in our community, and is not that what is the mantra of your station?
You are what local radio stations once were, and I sincerely hope you stay the way you are.
Thanks for your time, a long time fan!
7/09/2009 09:28 AM
I am a member of KBCS and I would be devastated if so many jazz programs were cut. Please keep these fabulous shows on the air.
7/09/2009 09:33 AM
To whom it may concern:
I am a longtime donor to KBCS and am dismayed by the planned changes for KBCS's programming. The volunteer programmers play an incredible array of music that I would never hear anywhere else. There are already plenty of public radio stations that do public affairs programming. The phase 1 changes probably won't affect my financial support, but if you remove any of the weeknight or weekend programming I will definitely stop donating to KBCS.
7/09/2009 09:52 AM
Hi -
I just got an email saying that KBCS was thinking of cutting various music shows. I hope this isn't true. The variety & diversity of the music you play is the reason I listen (& occasionally donate, when I have the money). No one else in the Pacific NW offers such a wide choice of types of music & your DJs are so knowledgeable. I would hate to see them go. And if the station is trying to save money, why hire someone & pay them when you can get good volunteers?
I especially love the two jazz programs on Wed & Th mornings, the old jazz shows (Vintage Jazz). I look forward to these every week & listen here at work (I work at the UW). When students come into my office they suddenly brighten up when they hear this fun music. We all love it. PLEASE, PLEASE don't cut these programs!
7/09/2009 09:55 AM
As a long time KBCS listener, and frequent $$ contributor, I can say that these changes will neuter everything I value about the station. I love the jazz programming between 9am and noon, the local DJ’s who are part of the Seattle jazz community, the range of musical styles, and the love and passion that your DJ’s have for the music.
With these changes, and a transition to a radio station that is loses it’s appetite for diversity and sense of local community, I will likely stop being a fan of KBCS. And that gives me a real sense of loss.
Please recognize what is so special about KBCS and reconsider these changes. The economic recession is fleeting. Fund raising and sponsorship revenue will be increasing soon. These hard times will pass … and when they do KBCS will be stronger for it.
7/09/2009 09:56 AM
The lists of hosts and shows slated for cuts is deeply saddening. It would be a shame for both KBCS listeners and the Northwest in general to witness the loss of these valuable programs, including proposed changes such as:
Morning jazz programs (9 a.m. - noon) will be replaced by a single jazz program with a single paid host. Gone will be these shows: - The Bud & Don Show - Bebop Spoken Here (Bernie Goldberg) - 20th Century Jazz (Joanie Nelson) - Vintage Jazz (Al Barnes) - The Caravan
Lunch With Folks (noon - 3 p.m.) will be replaced with a homogenized, generic "Americana" program with a couple of paid hosts, eliminating the diverse knowledge and expertise of the variety of daily programmers.
Daily Planet (3 - 5 p.m.) (international music) will be replaced by news.
I value the news programs on KBCS, but the individuality of every show and the independence of hosts need to be preserved.
7/09/2009 09:59 AM
Hey Ya'll,
Don't they have a clue about what has made KBCS great. As a long time listener (and occasional supporter), I have always found KBCS to provide listening material found no where else. The hosts have been superlative and informed as well as passionate. I have listened to and enjoyed music that I might not have ever been exposed to otherwise, just because, based on the personal experience in music portrayed by superlative hosts (that plied my particular musical taste) I had faith that KBCS hosts for other genre's (that I was less informed on) would be of likewise high quality.
7/09/2009 10:07 AM
This is a very simple message:
The proposed changes to programming at KBCS and elimination of volunteer hosts will result in the loss of many listeners, myself included. KBCS will no longer be one of the pre-set station buttons on my receiver and I will no longer listen to KBCS.
7/09/2009 10:09 AM
KBCS is licensed to serve the public interest, and needs to be responsive to the community it serves. Replacing knowledgeable volunteers with paid hosts is a sure way to alienate an important segment of your listening audience. When Western Washington University's radio station, KUGS, shut off community volunteers and community access to programming decisions, it generated antimosity that exists to this day. KUGS is no longer the vibrant and important part of the Bellingham scene that it once was.
The FCC expects every station to have a community advisory board or committe to help guide programming decisions that affect the community. KBCS should be reminded that the public can have a profound influence when licence renewal time comes around, especially when there is a well organized group of folks who can demonstrate (by documentation) that the station has been unresponsive to the community's interests.
7/09/2009 10:13 AM
This drives me up the wall. Bush is gone. Folks want diversity and artistry. If you change your programming and water it down, you will loose listeners. You have a well educated demographic, which appreciates high quality music programming.
This will be a mistake if you dilute your playlists.
We love Lunch With Folks!
7/09/2009 10:14 AM
Making KBCS into a generic run-of-the-mill radio station sucks. The joy of listening to KBCS is that it is made up of real people that love the genre and are willing to share their excitement and knowledge of the music with us. We don't listen to KBCS because there is a boring paid disc jockey playing stock music. There are a million other stations that already do that. The people on KBCS are like old friends...and some of them really ARE friends! Why would anyone replace something that is meaningful with something that is standard radio? We listeners like to be given the new and different, or obscure or rare, along with personal feelings about the piece. You can't get that with someone just there for the money. Where's the honest passion?
7/09/2009 10:14 AM
Please don't do this! I listen to 'Lunch with Folks" every day it is on and would have nothing to do with KCBS (including financial support) if it goes away.
7/09/2009 10:16 AM
Who is the idiot ramming these changes through? It sounds like what one of our general managers did years ago. Fortunately we took the station back before he bankrupted the station.
7/09/2009 10:23 AM
When we heard about this, we were appalled. KBCS and the acoustic music community have a long, mutually-beneficial relationship. We've gotten to know some of the on-air presenters, and feel like we personally know those who we've only heard on the air. We're both angry and saddened that KBCS has such a low appreciation of their community, and especially of the people who have donated so much time and love to the station over the years. If these changes are made, we will certainly not donate any money to KBCS, and will gladly tell anyone we meet that "It used to be a good station, but it's gone to hell--try KSER."
We hope someone has a close look at the KBCS charter and mission statement--this certainly violates the spirit, if not the legal mandate. We also question how a station which is always begging for money can afford to bring in paid announcers. Either something funny is going on with the finances, or they've been sold a cut-rate, schlock canned-music package.
KBCS has meant a lot to us over the years, and we will miss it. Other stations, such as KRAB, have left us, but at least had the courtesy not to insult the volunteers who have been the soul of the station. KBCS is going to have problems finding help for their pledge drives--we're certainly not volunteering!
Thank you for your efforts in organizing this protest. The regime currently in place probably is going to go ahead anyway--people with political aspirations usually do--but at least they'll know that they've not done it unnoticed.
7/09/2009 10:32 AM
7/09/2009 10:35 AM
Just another 2 cents worth here: I love the Vintage Jazz show, and Lunch with Folks. NPR already has the news programming. KBCS has the wide and wonderful range of music heard nowhere else on the air. And volunteer hosts are the best.
7/09/2009 10:40 AM
I am shocked to hear that there are drastic plans underway to decrease the wonderful wide diversity that KBCS offers. I routinely listen to Lunch With Folks, and know of nowhere else I would be exposed to so many cultural perspectives as expressed in music. I really feel it's an education for me and my children.
I also often listen to Daily Planet. Again, where else could I find such perspectives? We homeschool with our children and we love the many ways that KBCS programming provides launching pad for many rich conversations and studies.
It's hard for me to understand how replacing a diverse staff of well-educated, well-spoken volunteers with paid staff can make financial sense. We have not been major contributors, and I am sorry that we are not able to do much. That said, we've come to love and depend on the variety of offerings at KBCS, and the changes don't sound like they'd serve our needs. It would be hard to continue supporting homogenized programming.
Please re-think these plans - I think you'll lose much more than you gain if you implement them as they stand. You'd probably lose me.
Thanks for listening to your supporters!
7/09/2009 10:41 AM
I am dismayed to read of the proposed changes. I am a dedicated listener - from 6:00 AM with Democracy Now through the morning jazz shows and especially Lunch with Folks. While not a jazz fan, I find that I learn something each week from the terrific volunteer DJs. But I am especially passionate about Lunch with Folks.
Richard Gilmann and John Sincock are particularly informative and have broadened my appreciation for folk artists of many generations. I have been delighted to discover or rediscover the works of individuals and groups I hear nowhere else: from Chris Smithers, Misty River, The Duhks, Nancy Griffin to John Prine, Dylan, Emmylou Harris and the New City Ramblers. I cannot imagine not having Sean Donovan, Ginger Hopper and Iaan Hughes bring their fine selections, their expertise and in-studio interviews to my office radio. Lunch with Folks is without question the best formatted radio I have heard in 50 years of radio listening. It is unfathomable that the station would consider changing to a generic "Americana" program.
I am also an online weekend fan of Bluegrass Ramble and Sunday's Hornpipe. I cannot receive reception in my Edmonds home but can stream the broadcast. These proposed changes will certainly mean my annual contribution (while not large, it is heartfelt) will cease while I try to find a substitute station.
Please share any of this you care to. And thanks to each of you for the great pleasure I have had listening.
7/09/2009 10:45 AM
Stop! The only reason I've been a long term listener, and recent subscriber are EXACTLY the shows you are planning to do away with. If I wanted more public affairs blather I could tune to KUOW. If I wanted some smug, bland paid hipster spooning out smug bland jazz all morning, I could listen to KPLU. What beady eyed, clueless bean counter came up with this super idea? On what focus group of nitwits who don't listen to the station anyway is it based on? What's next - ads for Volvo and Big Pharma like the other "public" radio stations? I like commercial free radio and I'm willing to pay for it. Just be yourselves.
7/09/2009 10:54 AM
Replacing volunteers with paid staff is a weird idea. KBCS is never going to succeed at competing with KIRO. Its support comes exclusively from being different. Being more 'the same' will surely spell its entire demise.
7/09/2009 10:55 AM
To Whom It May Concern,
KBCS has a long history of devoted listeners and supporters as well as volunteers because of its commitment to jazz and folk music programming hosted by knowledgeable announcers. The move to downsize this programming in favor of canned news and longer shows with limited hosts is very disturbing--we listen to and support kbcs because it has something to offer we can't get on other radio stations. The proposed changes will rob KBCS of the kind of supportive listeners that have kept this station in business for so many years.
7/09/2009 11:11 AM
NO. These changes should be shelved right now. End of story. I ADORE KBCS just the way it is right now. I contribute every year to keep this wonderful station on the air, and eliminating all the reasons that I listen is going to make me stop giving you any support. The morning jazz programs, the Lunch with Folks with it's ever changing hosts, and the afternoon music all keep me going throughout the workday. I listen every day. News and canned programs with paid programmers are just not going to cut it. Especially lots of news. Please do not screw up this incredible station. I repeat... you will lose me and my $240 a year.
7/09/2009 11:14 AM
KBCS Management,
I have been listening to KBCS for decades. I have been a strong supporter through donating money, volunteering during pledge drives, talking to friends, wearing my shirts and hats and displaying my window clings with pride.
The proposed changes dismay me. If I wanted to listen to the same-old same-old, I could tune in to KUOW (formerly a great station before they went down this road), KPLU, KBSG (another station down the tubes), heck, any other station. What I cherish is the COMMUNITY focus of KBCS - local folks programming their passion, and local news and events promoted by local folks. *This* is what makes this station a treasure. I love the old jazz, folk, and international musics. No one else in this area plays these (KSER comes close, but most folks in your broadcast area can't get them).
Your promo material stresses Community Radio. Why are you going against your mission statement? Did you really think no one would notice?
7/09/2009 11:26 AM
Hello, As a musician, I love KBCS' diversity and its ability to play grassroots folk music. This long standing, independent tradition has been upheld by KBCS and the shows that highlight smaller artists who are making a living making their art. What a gift and we are so grateful for this part KBCS has played in keeping our dreams alive!
Thanks for hearing and considering our comment! Peace and Song!
7/09/2009 11:45 AM
I have heard that changes are planned that will reduce the volunteer programming of music and reduce the music replacing much of it with news-type shows.
I listen to KBCS because it's different - it has interesting music. I switched from KUOW to KBCS to hear music rather than news and talk. I will stop listening to KBCS if the music disappears at the times I listen.
Don't become another NPR-type drivel station.
7/09/2009 11:47 AM
Why on earth would you do that? Your shows have been one of the few alternatives to the standardized pap available on radio. You still won't compete with the bigger budget teen-oriented or shock-jock talk shows, and you will lose much of your dedicated audiences.
7/09/2009 11:53 AM
I have been a KBCS listener for many years and would be saddened by the cuts to the morning Jazz and afternoon Folk programs. Keeping regional programmers and DJ’s at KBCS make it one of the best stations in the country. Please keep the programming strong.
7/09/2009 12:14 PM
I think this message was meant to go out on April First. If not, baaad idea; please arrange public hanging for the organizing committee.
7/09/2009 12:20 PM
To Whatever Jackass Wants to Implement the Stupid Changes at KBSC and Kill Our Station,
You are a murderous idiot with blod clots in your brain. You are a disgrace to your mother, if you have one that acknowledges you. You can piss up a rope, but not on our station. You wouldn't last in a compost heap - the other trash would throw you out.
" There are two constants in the universe - hydrogen and stupidity." -- Frank Zappa
" There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity." -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
7/09/2009 12:23 PM
These changes are very distressing. KBCS is the only decent radio station in the area- I was so happy to discover it when I moved here from New Jersey several years ago. I would never have renewed my membership recently if I had known that this was in the works. I have volunteered at fund drives in the past and am an avid listener to many different programs, including Lunch with Folks and Daily Planet. The variety and diversity of programming, and the wealth of knowledge and passion for the music that the volunteer hosts bring to KBCS is irreplacable. Please reconsider. Know that I will not be renewing my membership or volunteering again if these changes happen.
7/09/2009 12:25 PM
When I moved to Seattle a couple of years ago, I listened to the NPR station by default. It was boring for the most part but better than slick, commercial radio. Then I was introduced to KBCS. The station reminded me of North Country Public Radio back in upstate NY: it was community radio, with lots of interesting locally-produced shows, more music than the common formats, and a cool vibe. I became a supporter because of these attributes. Now it seems that we're going to lose all of the good bits. For shame!
These changes, if implemented, would definitely cause me to drop KBCS from my regular listening. It is the eclectic, community-based nature of KBCS that interests me -- if I want hours of news, talk, and professional "personalities", I'll listen to NPR. KBCS is, at the moment, an alternative. If these changes are made, it will become a pale competitor to Public Radio and lose my support and listenership. Better my CDs than what's proposed.
7/09/2009 12:26 PM
My particular interests are Jazz programming. To me the prospect of losing the informed and articulate musical hosts from KBCS is appalling.
No doubt they will be replaced by glib and ignorant smoothies who can push a button. Do we need yet another knock-off of the smooth-jaz KPLU variety? No way.
No doubt the new format will involve gallons of overproduced musical sludge, featuring looping repeats of the latest "hits" from no-talent songbirds. And always punctuated by the super-bland patter of 'professional' dj's.
Throw away the diverse, throw away the antique, throw away the original. Get modern. Yeah right.
Count me out.
7/09/2009 12:28 PM
The programs that I regularly listen to on KBCS are Lunch With Folks Our Saturday Tradition Sunday Hornpipe If these programs change - particularly if Lunch With Folks is discontinued - KBCS will be much less valuable to me. I will then probably not listen to KBCS I am currently a contributing member of KBCS, but if these changes take place I will no longer contribute to the station. For me, folk music programing is very important, as is also the variety of volunteer DJs who bring their own expertise and variety of music to their programming.
7/09/2009 12:37 PM
I am a listener and have been a member of KBCS. I especially like KBCS because of the diversity of programming and the volunteer hosts, and I know several of them. I object to the proposed changes, doing away with the volunteer hosts.
And radio has enough talk in the morning -- we do not need more "public affairs".
KBCS has always been about the music, and I do not like and will not support this change.
7/09/2009 01:01 PM
My evenings, my Saturday mornings, MY Sunday mornings! My music world is so much about the diversity at any point in time that I turn on the channel or plug in and stream from home! I have been a $$ supporter in the past and hope to again soon. I have and continue to be a VERY outspoken verbal supporter. I grin, giggle and sometimes even wiggle when listening, always.
7/09/2009 01:37 PM
Please keep this show (Daily Planet) on the air. Please. It is healthy to hear such good music no one else plays. Let us not loose the last vestige of creative music.
7/09/2009 01:52 PM
count me OUT of all further support of KBCS. your changes, in the words of today's youth, suck. no more money from me and probably tons of others.
7/09/2009 01:56 PM
KBCS "Lunch With Folks" is the primary reason that KBCS is on my programmed dial in my car and office. It is a tremendously valuable program in terms of exposing both traditional music and current lesser known songwriters and performers to the Puget Sound audience. If I had any criticism of the program, it would be that the station has not been proactive enough in partnering with various clubs and other acoustic music venues to help support each other and the artists that are common to the show and the venues. Quite frankly, "Lunch with Folks" and to a lesser extent, the variety of jazz shows hosted by specialists who really understand the nuances in the music are the only reasons I listen to KBCS, even when I listen to other programming. Without these two key traditions, there is no reason whatsoever to keep me from eliminating it from my dial and turning to Satellite Radio (XM) almost completely for my music listening. Let's be honest, stations like KUOW do a fine job of broadcasting the nationally syndicated public radio programs. What has kept KBCS on the playing field has been the high quality locally driven programming and DJ involvement that differentiates your station from every other "me too" little project. I believe it would be a strategic mistake in the long run to abandon this heritage for transparently vacuous "cost cutting" reasons without replacing them with equally vibrant and innovative new approaches. If the proposed changes are adopted, I see a slow quiet death by starvation on the horizon for this station, and that would be a shame.
7/09/2009 02:16 PM
As a life long Seattleite I have seen many community stations homogenize their programming and it leads to a cultural pablum that is saddening. With volunteers available to put their passion on the air you have a venue that leads to a richer culture for this area and a responsibility to maintain that culture. It is irresponsible to deny this region the diversity you have been providing by changing your format in favor of generic, homogenized programming. Thank you for the opportunity to offer my opinion-
7/09/2009 02:23 PM
As a former programmer, I am shocked and saddened to hear this news. While times are tough all over and the ways in which people are listening to music and getting information about their community is changing rapidly, I don't see the proposed changes as a solution to KBCS's financial woes.
I don't have all the information yet, and I don't think KBCS management staff are evil bastards, but I think this "solution" is the easy way out and lacks creativity. If they successfully implement these changes, the station may eventually become more like KCMU, now KEXP, but what is the cost to listeners who value genuine community-based radio? To take just one example, there are probably few programs anywhere in the world like Al Barnes' Vintage Jazz. Listen to that program (while it's still possible) and appreciate the presentation of this incredible period of jazz history, and the way it's presented for aficionados and average listeners alike, with quirky style, knowledge, humor and expertise. How can this be duplicated, and for what end?
These are just a few thoughts. More later.
7/09/2009 02:24 PM
P.S. I've heard that the hosts who are being dropped were offered the option of having their show on the internet. Well, I do not listen to the radio over my computer, and do not expect that I will ever do that. When I'm on my computer, I am working, and cannot handle the distraction of music, much less talking. And, I can't hear my computer when I'm driving in the car, which is mostly when I listen to KBCS these days!
7/09/2009 02:32 PM
I listen to the folk and jazz programs you are planning to cut.
I have many friends who also love and listen to these programs.
Cut them, and we won't be listening anymore. Please keep the quality and diverse programming that has kept us listening and supporting KCBS many years.
7/09/2009 02:40 PM
I am just a regular listener and member and I can’t believe the proposed program changes.
I listen most during the daytime, especially toLunch with Folks and Daily Planet. Although I am not a big fan of jazz, I often listen (and learn) during the morning as well.
I find the amount of news currently on KBCS to be adequate (and I usually listen to that too.)
Please do not change your current highly diverse, community relevant format.
7/09/2009 02:43 PM
KBCS is my favorite radio station in Seattle. KBCS and Kuow account for about 95 percent of my radio listening time. KBCS is ALWAYS the first station I turn to when I turn on the radio. I love it's local hosts and independent programming. If you change to canned programming I wouldn't tune in nearly as often, and if you change to commercial broadcasts I will most likely quit listening to the station entirely. I don't listen to commercial radio.
I am a big fan of Lunch with Folks and Daily Planet, and several of the weekend shows. I love the volunteer DJ's and appreciate each of them for their particular interests and personal style. It would be a huge disappointment to lose them. My partner listens to the morning jazz shows every day and feels the same about those programs and DJ's. While I do enjoy some of your canned news programming (Democracy Now, FSRN, and the top of the hour bits in the afternoon shows,) I think there is enough of that already and more would be a turn off. I am ashamed to say that while I am a devoted listener, I have never been a member. I am unemployed and not receiving unemployment benefits, so I'm not in much of a position to contribute financially. If there is a chance we could save the current structure of programming, I would be happy to support this effort, especially if I can lend aid in volunteer time rather than $. Let me know what I can do to help.
7/09/2009 02:47 PM
Hi KBCS team, I have a few ideas to increase membership and publicize KBCS. Hopefully with a wider listener base, funds would follow. One of the ideas is to have a series of bumper stickers--a contest to come up with a selection. I love KBCS because... Or, I'm thankful for KBCS because of.... Or one of the great things about my day is listening to KBCS. Something on that line. Then, an idea is to have volunteers give away the bumper stickers and publicize about KBCS at local summer events, such as farmers markets, Shakespeare in the park, street fairs, Seafair Kiddie parades. etc. Having a contest for drawing a poster, or artwork for the bumper sticker is another part of the idea. This could be made into t-shirts, which also publicize. But instead of just saying the KBCS tag-line "a world of music and ideas", to have a personal testimonial that rings true. Another idea I have is to have an e-mail campaign where members send an e-mail to friends, saying, have you tried listening to KBCS. These are the shows that enrich my week every week, that I look forward to. Another idea I have is to pass on that simple message to the general public--Have you tried listening to KBCS at 91.3FM and on the web? This is what I love about KBCS... Carolyn, (who loves Joanie on Wed. morning, other morning shows, Bluegrass Ramble, Sunday Folks, Walkin' the Floor, Saturday Tradition, Mostly Medieval, Woman Notes, Folksounds, Lunch with Folks)
7/09/2009 03:20 PM
July 9, 2009
To whom it may concern,
re: impending change of policy at KBCS
I certainly enjoy and appreciate the format that we've had at KBCS - that is, with a great variety of experienced local volunteer DJ's. Because I do not know who the new DJ's are, I cannot judge anything about their experience or skill. Indeed they may be very good at what they do. And I do not object to people being paid for their labor.
But, in principle I do object to the loss of the variety of representatives of our community and the history and longevity that will inevitably be lost.
I do not know the reason for this change, and cannot imagine it will serve to either increase the listener members or save money - two of the major forces that affect policy.
I have greatly appreciated the increase in community participation and representation that has marked the growth of KBCS over the last several years. I fear that may be lost in this planned elimination and consolidation of staff.
I look forward to hearing more about the developments. Feel free to contact me and to use (or not) this letter in the campaign to "save KBCS" standards.
Thank you for your efforts
7/09/2009 03:25 PM
HORRIFYING, next to criminal....well probably actually criminal, since KBCS has been raising funds based on the community nature of the programming.
I don't want to listen to or support a radio station that encompasses the proposed changes.
Please rethink this idiocy, and keep me posted.
7/09/2009 03:43 PM
What gives!?! This is the first I've heard of this. Why are they gutting the essence of what makes KBCS an indepensable part of the greater Seattle area?
7/09/2009 03:47 PM
I heard the sad news that KBCS 91.3FM is to eradicate many of it's daily shows in favor of boring americana stations and plain-vanilla news. I really don't approve of this. I'm a regular listener and donator to KBCS - in fact, I am listening to it as I type, and the shows being terminated are some of my favorites. If you cancel these shows, I shall cancel my donations. Have a nice day.
7/09/2009 03:49 PM
I am writing to express my support for your efforts to retain the quality programming at KBCS. The idea to eliminate the expertise, passion, and quality of the shows by the volunteer DJs in favor of the programming that is proposed is an unwise and unsustainable approach to managing the station. Listeners will diminish and a large part of the musical heritage of the station will be lost. I hope your efforts are successful in causing the management to rethink its proposal.
7/09/2009 04:04 PM
Boy, would those changes bother me greatly. The coolest thing about KBCS, aside from their creative programming and music focus, is the community aspect of it. Losing the passionate volunteer DJs will dramatically undermine that value and thrust KBCS into competing with the major NPR players (and they will lose at this, or at best add no value), rather than providing a rich alternative to the news/talk/discussion format.
7/09/2009 04:23 PM
Dear KBCS Programmer,
Sort of short notice for a huge change of this nature!!!
People like me support this station for the very things proposed for elimination. PLEASE STOP and allow your base to let you know their reaction, not just push it through.
I would like some kind of explanation.
7/09/2009 05:03 PM
What do I think? In STINKS !!
I have been a listener to the jazz shows, in particular, Al Barnes, Joanie Nelson ... and before them, John Elwell (or Elwood ??). I am 88 years old and have been a member and recently vice-president of the Puget Sound Traditional Jazz Society. (since 1985). I also worked as a news director, sports director, disc jockey and more for 50 years in the broadcast industry, and I'm familiar with the business -- IN SPADES. (KING-TV & radio; KTNT-Television; KVI; KOL; KJR; KOMO; and stations in California & Montana.)
KBCS will lose me as a listener, permanently, for all programming after the change. I can get the stuff you plan to have on -- much better and with a stronger signal -- at many, many stations.
7/09/2009 05:08 PM
KBCS Community Radio.
Now that is a title one can be proud of. It is unique. It is real. For years it has been a reliable source of incredible knowledge about local, regional and national music and musical events. With the advent of online streaming, this trusted source has become even more valuable to the entire NW region. It's real radio in real time.
The Puget Sound area already has two NPR stations who offer a mix of news and pre-programmed music. If I want to listen to news, I tune in to those stations. If I want to listen to pre-programmed music, I'll tune in to those stations. But if I want to actually learn something about musicians and events that I stand a chance of experiencing, I'll tune in to KBCS. If KBCS becomes more like KPLU or KUOW, guess who's going to win my ears? Not KBCS.
I am amazed that the volunteer DJ staff has remained consistent over many, many years. Amazed and impressed actually. KBCS provides not only access to a huge variety of music - both wide ranging and regionally relevant - but also deep knowledge about musicians and events that people who live and work here can actually access. If I hear an interview on Lunch With Folks, I can actually go to a concert featuring the guest artist.
As a longtime event producer I've come to rely on KBCS over and above commercial radio stations in the region. KBCS reaches the fan base that comes to my events. I know that those ears are going elsewhere if the local, real, informed, familiar voices are taken off the air. And that is a bad thing as far as I'm concerned. Would I advertise or support the station if it moved to pre-programmed content. No. It would make no sense. We've recently moved a large event to Bellevue. One of the determining factors for making the move was the proximity to KBCS. To hear that these changes are imminent is disturbing and disappointing.
I'm also a musician and have been a guest of several of your hosts over the years. KBCS is one of the very, very few stations who do live interviews with local and visiting national artists, thereby exposing listeners to an incredible array of talent that would likely never be heard on either commercial radio or other regional public radio stations. Those stations are as remote as Mt. Rushmore when it comes to connecting the community of music lovers to the community of music makers. KBCS holds a very dear place in the hearts and minds of both communities.
Please reconsider. I hope that KBCS will retain its passionate, knowledgeable DJs and the resultant programming, which is some of the most interesting radio on air.
Keep it fresh. Keep it real.
7/09/2009 05:11 PM
Why would you want to kill a community of passion, variety and knowledge and replace it with homogenized sameness? It makes no sense to dull down the radio sound and mix. Your community will suffer a loss beyond a schedule change. I pray that you don't kill one of the rarest of cultural treasures in America.
7/09/2009 05:19 PM
I just became a listener-member of KBCS during your spring pledge drive. I'm a big fan of Daily Planet and Barbie Danielle-DeCarlo specifically, and community radio in general.
As a longtime volunteer, programmer, former board member and current radio training instructor at Boulder's KGNU, I fully grok the value and importance of community radio. To remain viable, it should be powered primarily by a volunteer staff representing as wide a swath of the community-at-large as possible. KBCS' plans run counter to that principle and the inevitable result will be much the same as it is when other stations make similar moves: diminished listenership leading to death of the station or, worse, takeover by a public radio conglomerate (NPR). Instead of adhering to a mission and serving the local community, the station's sole motivation becomes merely survival for survival's stake, no matter the cost.
I'm not even a regular listener nor have I ever been to Bellevue, but I have no doubt that this planned reduction of diverse, volunteer-driven programmingwill be a huge loss not just to Bellevue, but to the ever-shrinking fraternity of community radio and the larger marketplace of ideas in which we all participate.
Keep up the fight, my KBCS colleagues!
7/09/2009 05:23 PM
If they make these planned program changes to KBCS I know that I, and many others, would simply quit listening. We already have one KUOW. We need the eclectic quality of KBCS.
7/09/2009 05:32 PM
Campus and community radio is all about diversity and reflecting the needs of the local community.
Well trained and dedicated volunteers can have tremendous impact within their respective communities and even beyond. Its not just about the music, be it jazz, country or folk. Its the expertise about their subject matter and the insights that volunteer hosts can offer that make their programming (and hence the radio station) interesting.
KBCS might want to be cautious in the way it proceeds down the road away from community based radio to a profit based operation. There's a lot to be said for diversity, both in the type of programming available and the diversity of talent found in your volunteer corps.
7/09/2009 05:39 PM
KBCS is an invaluable resource in the Pacific Northwest. My understanding of the proposed programming changes would eliminate much of what I turn to KBCS for - great and diverse music programming, filling niches not otherwise covered by other area stations.
As a professional musician, I have enjoyed discovering a lot of music by listening to this station. In addition, I have benefitted both directly and indirectly by KBCS' long history of supporting the local music community by way of live on-air performances, concert sponsorship, concert calendar announcements, interviews with artists, etc.
Please add my name to the list of supporters of KBCS as it is!
7/09/2009 05:46 PM
We have a radio station like kbcs in minneapolis called KFAI. It's the greatest. I would hope you would keep a station like that around - kbcs. People really like variety!
7/09/2009 06:02 PM
I adore the current programming on KBCS. It is the reason I am a member. I love Joanie and jazz, and Sean the Gator boy, Michael, Larry, John, Dave, Barbi-Danielle, Ginger, and all the other hosts who bring their love of music and their expertise to the unique programming of Lunch with Folks and Daily Planet, as well as the Saturday and Sunday programming. This station is the ONLY station in the region with this type of multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-musical diversity. Where else can you hear Woman Notes, Caravan, Raices, Mainly Medieval, and music for the deadheads all on one station? What other station plays the diverse musical sounds of Mali, Cuban doo-wap, French rap, Cape Verde songs, Tuvan throat music, South American cumbias? This is my community, my Weltanschauung, my world view. Unique? Diverse? Different? Absolutely.
Already we have Amy Goodman and Democracy Now, and other reporting shows.They do contribute to my understanding of the world. I enjoy the short reports from Native American News and WIN as well.
If I want to hear TALK radio, I can turn to almost every other station on my car radio, home radio or computer. I don't want, or need, to hear more talk, talk, talk.
I will discontinue my membership if the proposed changes go through.
7/09/2009 06:48 PM
Homogenization and pasteurization have their place in the treatment of milk. They should not have a place in the program development of community-based, diversity-respecting radio stations.
The changes outlined for the coming months make it essentially impossible for me to consider supporting KBCS financially. I might as well send a check to KVI or KCMS.
7/09/2009 06:50 PM
I am a supporter of KBCS located in Oakland, CA. I listen to “Lunch with Folks” every weekday from noon to 3:00 on streaming audio and sometimes in the archives.
I would no longer support KBCS if this program is taken off the air. It is one of the best American roots music shows around.
7/09/2009 07:01 PM
Your email prominently mentions folk.
Your list of what programs are endangered lists jazz, jazz, and world.
I'm not in the least interested in world music, and not that much in jazz--though classic jazz (Brubeck, Miles Davis...) is very good.
What folk is played on kbcs? When?
7/09/2009 07:14 PM
I am a regular supporter with an annual donation to KBCS. I will stop listening and cease my support of the station if the proposed changes are made.
7/09/2009 07:40 PM
please do not eliminate Lunch With Folks or any other Folk music program on KBCS. They are why Iisten and donate.
7/09/2009 07:50 PM
I've just heard about the plans to change the programming on KBCS and I am strongly opposed to that idea.
I love Lunch with Folks and listen to it regularly, and have for years, and would be very upset to see it go. I also listen to Daily Planet and appreciate their perspective on the news that I can't get anywhere else (and it seems I won't hear anymore with the new format).
While I'm not an avid jazz fan or listener, I recognize the level of knowledge that these volunteer programmers have. They don't just do it for the buck, but are personally committed to the music for its own sake. This is true of all the volunteer programmers.
Volunteer programmers also involve the community more, which is essential for a community radio station. Having professional DJs not only costs the station more money, but it creates more distance between the listeners and those running the station. I have seen it many times when other stations have gone down similar roads of getting rid of volunteer programmers: there's a democracy that's lost in the process--and we've already lost too much democracy in this country to lose more at our beloved KBCS radio.
7/09/2009 07:58 PM
Please add my name as well…I am shocked about this…
7/09/2009 08:18 PM
I have a great fondness for one show on KBCS. One Sunday Morning, my wife, who used to live in Seattle, and I woke up at a friends house near Greenlake, and tuned in the Folk Music show. I don't remember the host, nor indeed any of the artists, (and I thought I knew everyone!), but thought it magical, wonderful, everything right. I saved KBCS on a list of bookmarks for radio I can listen to on the internet.
I work in non-commercial radio too. This is the ugly trend. Get rid of the volunteers and bring in canned programming from elsewhere. Get rid of the board operators, put everything on the computer and automate the station. Carry only national shows, nothing local. "The People" don't know the difference between one station or the other, it's all "NPR". These are edicts given by frustrated, out-of-work managers, who go into business giving bad advice for oodles and oodles of money, and call themselves "Consultants".
7/09/2009 08:23 PM
The changes are going to be a disaster!!!!! I've been a supporter of the station for about 4 years. My support will end, I want to listen to music at work not news. The station is fantastic just how it is. Daily Planet is my favorite show.
7/09/2009 08:28 PM
KBCS is the only radio program I can count on for relevant, cross-cultural and stimulating music. I tune in regularly and especially enjoy the Celtic music. I was extremely disappointed when the Celtic programming was decreased a few years ago and now don't listen as often. I do tune in faithfully every Sunday to hear this music, which can be heard nowhere else. If programming goes towards more mainstream then you will lose me as a listener and supporter.
7/09/2009 08:33 PM
Diversity is the correct word. I regularly receive and read the playlists for Vintage Jazz, for the Lunch with folks as well as listen to both. I also catch 20th Century jazz. Volunteer hosts have been the greatest source of Seattle radio for more than 40 years. KBCS represents the last of those programs where the hosts willingly share their collections and musical knowledge. As a supporter, I would wonder whether this is trully community radio.
7/09/2009 08:37 PM
These are not welcome changes. We have always preferred the volunteer hosts for their connection to our community, events and to the collections usually owned by them of valuable music. People who love jazz and folk music go beyond what they are paid to do. We have lost large pockets of community radio in the past and lost wonderful hosts. Don't let this happen.
7/09/2009 08:53 PM
We are frequent visitors to Seattle and are fans of one of the finest overall music scenes in the country. We would find it distressing to reduce the richness and variety of programming you have now. It is a treasure in a corporate sea of blandness. Please keep your volunteer hosts and programmers and don't rep;ace them with DJs who don't have the knowledge and the passion that your current volunteers have. Thank you.
7/09/2009 09:12 PM
I will quit listening to kbcs now that you are going to one jazz program from 9-noon. I listen to Joanie very week.
7/09/2009 09:13 PM
Dear SaveKBCS,
I have been a long time listener and supporter of KBCS. The changes slated to the station upset and sadden me. Over the past 20 years I have seen the station mature and the knowledge of the volunteers/DJ's deepen. Where else on the radio can you find Medieval music, Jazz, Folk, Techno, Grateful Dead...
Where else on the radio can you find Medieval music, Jazz, Techno, Grateful Dead... To hire "professionals to spin the disks" would make the station like most of the others on the dial, commercial. a sell out. The volunteers create a unique voice. KBCS has created an atmosphere for their DJ's to express themselves on the air in both music and words. I value the their opinions and knowledge about the music and anything else that they may feel free to discuss. This will be the death of that kind of openness and freedom.
I must admit that I am a faithful listener to KUOW. I value their NPR programming and Weekday. Did you notice that I said listener? Well, I don't financially support them, I choose to support KBCS with my hard earned dollars and occasionally my time. Why is that you may ask? Well, you are my community. I love the diversity of music and programming. Each DJ brings their own special interest and love of their particular genre. That's why although Lunch with Folk may be on 5 days a week yet each day it sounds quite different given the host. That's what I love about KBCS. Diversity and diversity.
I realise that the spring pledge drive was not as sucessful as the station had wished for. If these changes are a result of financial difficulties, I am afraid you may be losing your base of support. We do not need another KUOW here. Community radio is what we need. Please don't mess with the station, my music or my radio hosts.
7/09/2009 09:49 PM
At a time when you would think Americans would need and desire more exposure to a more diverse set of cultural influences, KBCS seems intent on cutting out as much of its truly variegated programming as possible and making its lineup sound more and more like the rest of radio, even like commercial radio! Thank goodness we have the Internet now, and can (if we are willing to work a bit) craft our own programming. Unfortunately, this means we don't get the benefit of the outside input the KBCS lineup heretofore provided...
7/09/2009 09:57 PM
I believe you might have neglected to inform volunteers about the website/blog. I only just found out from a friend.
7/09/2009 10:14 PM
As long time subscribers and listeners to KBCS because of the diversity of programming, I am anguished by this news. Please let me know what I can do to help stop this big mistake.
I stopped listening to KUOW when they went all-blah.
7/09/2009 11:08 PM
I am a member of KBCS and have been for several years.
The reason I contribute to the station is that John Sincock talked me into listening to his show on Fridays and I've been listening and contributing ever since. I look forward to his show and would miss it greatly if it were taken off the air.
Because I listen to very little radio, I would not tune in to KBCS if his show were taken off. When my daughter was younger, we listened to the excellent jazz show in the mornings, too. Amazing music.
Thank you for your efforts. I hope they pay off and that KBCS doesn't become a KUOW clone. There is enough talk radio around, and KBCS has excellent news/information programs on later in the day.
7/09/2009 11:28 PM
Dear KBCS sabatouers,
The reason I listen to KBCS - in my opinion the ONLY Seattle-area radio station worth my time to listen to - is because of it's programming. Period. Changing to a more "main-stream" format will not result in an increased listenership. If your desire is to alientate your listeners then you have chosen the most effective method possible. Please leave KBCS and it's delightful programming alone.
7/09/2009 11:32 PM
To whom it may concern: I love the diversity of music on KBCS and the richness of the volunteer disc jockeys. I really enjoy Amy Goodman and the other news but am not interested in more public affairs. I can get that many places but a truly unique playlist? Nowhere but KBCS!! Keep it the way it is.
7/09/2009 11:47 PM
Disappointed barely expresses the way I feel. Outraged is more like it.
I have made a recurring pledge in the last pledge drive but will revoke that payment if I can. I believe in volunteer-run, community-oriented radio.
7/09/2009 11:52 PM
I have been a member of KBCS for the better part of a decade now, and I am incredibly disheartened to hear of the proposed upcoming changes to the programming schedule. I have also volunteered for a number of fund drives thoughout the last few years, delivering food from Seattle restaurants to the VOLUNTEERS who are the BACKBONE of the station.
I chose to become a member of KBCS BECAUSE OF THE MUSIC and BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE who put the music on the air for me hear!
If Daily Planet is cut, if Lunch with Folks is taken over by paid DJs, if more news (that only ever depresses me) is added, I WILL NOT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP.
7/10/2009 02:37 AM
4 Hours Cut?!? DriveTime from 3 hrs., now 2 hrs,, to none? 9 to noon historical Jazz genres gone? What's the point. Cut them down, not out. If this format is allowed to take place, why bother having the station?
What is unique is the musically diverse volunteer djs. Why is there a question about this? It smells of corporate influence. I guess we don't have enough talk radio. I guess we need one jazz DJ...who's taste will cover a portion of that genre. Can a playlist be far behind?
It sounds like a fait accompli, why are we bothering to protest? Hasn't the explosion of paid employees been obvious as to where the station was headed? It's all so typical, cliquish, and arrogant.
i guess i don't understand what the powers that be want. What was the point of having a place for students to learn how to do radio if they can't do radio. If the only radio they can do is technologically motivated.. Wasn't the mission to promote programming, not just programmability? Since i still can't hear the station in some areas, why change the format, what will that prove? Why are we now caught up with how we come across,, how savvy we are, how hip we are, or pc or whatever it is? Or, like other stations.
The only sane outlet for this insane world is some expression of art...the djs have the most fun, so...let's dump them. Apparently, they are the only ones having the fun. Now we must determine how our fun is to be explored and when, and for how long, all decided by a small band of what? Monied employees? When did we get an artistic director?
When i dj'd for the station, i used to care and feel included. It's still nice to have people say "yer mine until nine." When i was not allowed to come back as a drive time dj, i stopped caring as much because my 15 years of time spent on the air was of no value, and no concern to those in control. That stank.. Now here we are, culling even more, and that's stinks too.
It's like trying to explain why Yanni and Andre Reiu are awful music and yet, look at all the people who like them...what is that? The folks running kbcs think they are doing the station a favor by dragging us into a formula station, I'm at a loss to understand that. I don't care about grades, being judged or approved. I've always liked trying to figure out how to program a good show, that amused me. Anyway, thanks for letting me rant...
7/10/2009 03:20 AM
The great jazz shows presented on KBCS are a real treasure in this world of talk radio and news stations. Why would you switch from this unique and valuable programming to be like all the other stations ? As an educational institution I would think you would want to continue to provide quality, interesting and unique programming for those of us who are tired of what all the other stations offer. You do now.
KBCS has played my records and the records of many of my colleagues on the shows that you are planning to remove. My nephew has been a valuable and knowledgeable volunteer at your station.
I can assure you that your listenership will diminish drastically if you turn into just another news station with some token nods to music.
I promise you that I for one will remove the station from the row of buttons on my car radios if the changes described to me are made. I will also inform everyone I know that KBCS has taken a turn toward commercialism and encourage others to quit tuning in. I am only one person but I know many people who enjoy the station very much the way it is. These people also know many others who feel the same way. We can and will make a difference.
Please do not become just another sell-out station and lose the creative audience you now enjoy.
There is news and talk everywhere. Please keep your standing in our community as a station which can be counted upon to provide, in abundance, quality broadcasting of America's classical musics by people who know what they're doing.
KBCS is a real beacon for many. Please keep it so.
7/10/2009 04:58 AM
Hello, My name is Anne Sibley - my husband and I are musicians who live in Jackson, Wyoming but we regularly tour through your area. We have made friends with some of your DJ's and volunteers and KBCS has become a special radio station in WA that supports our music. We have admired the dedication of your DJ's and volunteers and have often wished we had something similar in our local area. All the diversity in programming that you have now and all the volunteers who want to continue their special programs and their support - please don't lose them - it is such a wonderful thing in this day and age to have real people in your radio family.
7/10/2009 05:11 AM
Dear Save Kbcs, why would they trash such a valuable resource. the breadth of knowledge in the the shows is amazing. the proposed changes would completely devalue the station, for me and I would never support it again.
7/10/2009 06:51 AM
I am deeply concerned about the upcoming changes at KBCS.
Since I moved to the Northwest 20 years ago KBCS has been one of my major sources of musical delight. I am constantly telling friends about KBCS’ musical diversity and it’s ‘mostly volunteer’ operation.
One of the MAJOR things I like about KBCS is the emphasis on music and NOT news and public affairs. You can go to NPR and a myriad of web sites for all the news and public affairs you like. Indeed our society is maxed out with the amount of news we get. Even NPR has too much.
Why pay DJs when you can get knowledgeable volunteers who will give you a slightly different mix on folk, blues, world, etc. One of the great things about KBCS is the unpredictability because each host has his/her own unique musical interests.
MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC – that is what matters.
7/10/2009 06:57 AM
Hi. I've been a contributor to KBCS for many years, and Lunch with Folks is the program I listen and enjoy to the most. I urge you not to take it off the year. The variation among the hosts is one of the attractions. Keep it community-based radio.
7/10/2009 07:57 AM
Dear Management,
I am a member and have supported KBCS but if you institute your plan as stated I will no longer support your station. It is poorly thought out.
I love Vintage Jazz and I love 20th Century Jazz and listen to both of them each week religiously. I like the hosts and their research that they bring to the job. They do more than just spin the CDs. They have character and they have knowledge.
I do not need another KUOW with all that news. I get just enuf news now on KBCS and I do not wish anymore. I may as well listen to the regular stations if you are going to eliminate the great programs that the station currently has.
I think I have made myself clear. Do not change the schedule and keep the 20 or so hosts. I am a member and my vote has been cast. I very foolish move on your part.
7/10/2009 08:01 AM
Really really bad idea for good radio. Kbcs is the best station I've listened to because of the programming format. A change like this will reduce it to the level (at best) of the thousands of other radio stations with generic formats. I can't imagine kbcs will gain listeners with this kind of change. I expect they'll lose many, many listeners.
7/10/2009 08:01 AM
Since most changes that decimate the availability of the arts to appreciative listeners are made under the guise of saving money, I seriously question how going from volunteers to paid staff could possibly address that goal.
If increasing the number of listeners is a goal, then someone doesn't understand the diversity of options available these days for people to listen to the kinds of music they want to hear. It gets easier every day to get internet-based radio wherever it's desired, including on the road, when one wants to get away from 100-song commercial playlists and factory-produced, generic Jack&Jill radio.
KBCS sounds like a jewel of the Northwest that someone, for some inane reason feels they have to destroy. What a shame, I hope something can be done.
7/10/2009 08:16 AM
I am speechless............
What can I do to help, organize, create a revolt! to save and leave alone the KBCS I know and love, and have been giving to for like 20 Years!
I want to help, tell me how I can?
7/10/2009 08:29 AM
I find this news very disturbing. It sounds like they are going to get rid of all my favorite shows and replace the volunteers with paid people. The station appears that it is going to be like any other station on the radio dial. The main thing that I like about KBCS is the wide variety of music that is played and the fact that the hosts are volunteers and play what they want.
If these changes are made, they will no longer have my support.
7/10/2009 08:30 AM
I would like to do whatever I can to save lunch with folks. Who knows bluegrass ramble could be next.
7/10/2009 08:38 AM
Shocking! If they have paid hosts, does this mean commercials? I will stop listening altogether if that happens. Whose crazy idea is this anyway? What is wrong with the way the station has already been run?
I'm not a huge contributor, but will stop altogether if they mess up the station, particularly the Sunday lineup.
Thanks for being an advocate, I have listened to the station since I moved to Seattle in 1989 and would be so upset if it went commercial. I notice commercials are also creeping into KUOW and Channel 9.
7/10/2009 08:49 AM
I'm a long time listener and supporter of KBCS.
I just received the news of the changes that start in August.
Over the years KBCS has fed me culturally with great musical programming, great public affairs and something to believe in. I feel part of the KBCS community. I personally connect with the programmers who do it for free because they are passionate about what they do. I love the diversity of people because I get different points of view that I wouldn¹t necessarily find on my own. When you try to offer the same thing with fewer voices, and those fewer voices are paid employees, it begins to change the energy no matter how virtuous or conscientious it may start.
KBCS is the only radio station that I listen to. It saddens me see it go to the dark side. If these changes go through, I can not in good conscience financially support the station any longer.
7/10/2009 08:55 AM
I have just heard about the proposed program changes to KBCS. This is shocking indeed. I have listened to the station from 1989, when I first moved to the area, and love it dearly in its present state. The changes sound very sweeping, and I can't imagine that commercialization will be far behind. In that case I still stop listening altogether.
I am not a huge contributor, but recently decided to contribute more often, recession or not. It's in tough times like these that we depend on institutions like KBCS for emotional and social support. To turn it into a commercial station, or to be more like public radio, would be a tragedy.
Whatever you do, PLEASE do not mess with the Sunday lineup of Sunday's Hornpipe (already cut from four to three hours), Mostly Medieval and the Dead hours. If you do so, I'm out of here for good.
Thank you for taking these comments to heart, and please keep up the good work of keeping KBCS a truly volunteer, listener-supported and sponsored station, there is none other like it. We have PBS for paid programming.
7/10/2009 08:55 AM
No, no, no!!!!
As a volunteer at SFS concerts on Phinney Ridge and a hanger outer at C&P Coffee in West Seattle.... this is just WRONG.
Please add my voice.
7/10/2009 09:02 AM
Dear folks, as an independent folk musician currently working with labels such as Putumayo World Music, I rely greatly on the type of diverse programming offered by ‘Lunch with Folks on your station. I’m an East Coast musician, but because of airplay on KBCS and stations like it, I’m able to expose listeners on the west coast to my music. Please don’t eliminate this fine and necessary show!
7/10/2009 09:05 AM
What are you doing ?? I like the shows, Jazz is great, folk, Daily Planet. Why not pay the volunteers they have done a wonderful job over the years if you what paid Hosts. There is so much history and information + live acts that have been on 20th Century, Bebop, Lunch With Folks and Al's Vintage jazz show. Great stuff SAVE THEM>
7/10/2009 09:24 AM
I love the music of KCBS. The ethnic shows are fabulous! Its why I contribute to your station. You're making a big huge mistake if you homogenize what you will be boring and you'll lose all that makes you distinctive.
7/10/2009 09:27 AM
I have listened to you folk and jazz programs many times. Please keep those programs going. What you plan on doing would loose more then you feel you will gain.
7/10/2009 09:34 AM
Please reconsider cutting KBCS's programs. They have a wonderfully diverse schedule and we appreciate them playing our artists! We would hate for them to lose their jazz and Americana programs, and Daily Planet.
7/10/2009 09:38 AM
I understand that KBCS has plans to radically change it's offerings and hire paid staff to replace volunteer hosts. My fear is that, whatever the rational for doing this, it will result in a more expensive and less interesting KBCS.
The reason I donate to KBCS is that many volunteer hosts bring a breadth of knowledge, individuality, and passion that fewer paid staff simply can't have. I can always find a station that will play music I like or news everyone else is broadcasting. What is unique about KCBS is that I know I will always hear something surprising that enlarges my understanding of the world.
I also understand that at least some of the volunteer hosts may be given an option to continue their shows on an Internet only "KBCS." This begs the question of what use the KBCS organization is at all. The hosts could form their own Internet station which would still give me the content I like, be accessible from anywhere, and cost very little. And I would have the pleasure of knowing my small donations to them would go a lot farther.
7/10/2009 09:48 AM
From the list mentioned, two programs that I enjoy are - The Caravan and Lunch With Folks.
I fear this may be the start of changes that will ultimately destroy this fine radio station.
7/10/2009 09:50 AM
Dear KBCS decision-makers,
As a publicly-supported radio station you surely take into account the public's wishes and needs before undertaking a major change like the one being proposed. And yet I don't recall ever having been polled about this latest redesign of KBCS. There may well be areas where you could trim expenses and streamline operations without fundamentally altering the broad appeal of the station. There may also be programming areas where there is significant overlap with other area public broadcasters. Wouldn't it make sense to ask the members of your public for some input here?
Thanks for listening.
7/10/2009 09:55 AM
I am sorry to hear of the proposed changes for KBCS. As a Kirkland native I grew up listening to KBCS and still do. Please do what you can to save the programs and valuable volunteers. Please fund raise until you are able to keep the programs. We need the diversity in media. We need these programs.
7/10/2009 10:12 AM
We are very disappointed by this news. The quality of the programming will be adversely affected and the unwillingness to take advantage of committed and competent volunteers serves as a total disincentive to contribute financially to the station. Whoever came up with such a stupid plan???
7/10/2009 10:15 AM
Hi Everyone at KBCS,
Please do not cut any of the music programs you are planning to cut! Where would music lovers be without KBCS? The diversity is what has made KBCS great, and that includes the music. We can't hear much of what KBCS offers anywhere else in our area at one station.
No, no, no--hands off our station!
7/10/2009 10:23 AM
To the Good people of KBCS, I have been away for most of the summer and have just learned of the proposed programming changes. We can't let this happen! No one will listen to KBCS if it becomes just another generic news/music station, and contributions will drop through the floor. Besides, we listen to it BECAUSE of the unique voices and local flair brought to it by volunteers like Richard Gillman, John Sincock , Iaan Hughes, Ginger Hopper, and Sean Donovan. And…if this is only the beginning, what will that mean for the future of weekend and evening shows such as “Our Saturday Tradition”, “Sunday Folks”, “Bluegrass Ramble”, Folksounds, and others? Do we really want to find out? Of course not! Are there options here? I know that many local musicians, myself included, would be more than willing to get on board with a fund-raiser concert to keep programming at KBCS alive!
7/10/2009 10:25 AM
My husband and I have been members of KBCS for years and love the programming so very much! If your changes go into place we would be terribly disappointed and would most likely no longer donate. KBCS adds so much diversity to the otherwise bland radio stations out there...please, please do no change and become homogenized!
Sincerely in love with KBCS!
7/10/2009 10:28 AM
I live in Kitsap County and have been a supporter (financially and passing the word around over here) since I first heard of KBCS, back in 1995. It is the source of immense joy to my life. I happen to live on a hill looking toward Seattle, so I can pick up the signal. Many of the people who would love to hear it over here are unable to do so. I am a guitarist and singer and revel in the rich diversity of songs I hear each Saturday and Sunday on the folk programs, picking up many of them to learn and pass along in the folk tradition. Don’t let this die!!!
The dedication and talent of the volunteers who run the shows is a true inspiration to those of us unable to physically contribute to the station. I am shocked that the powers that be would consider it an improvement to replace these amazing people with a few paid DJs.
I realize KBCS can’t afford to continue without financial backing that establishes a real foundation for its innovative programs. I am writing in support of any actions that would shine a brighter light on this treasure in the world and lead to a CELEBRATION not a transformation, of the station, its volunteers and its music offerings.
What can be done? With Bill Gates and Paul Allen in our town, are there people who can bring this to their attention, and would it do any good?
I am now living on a part-time salary and gave earlier this year more generously than I have ever done in previous years, so I will not be able to find more for KBCS in this year’s budget. But I am passionate about the need for this public radio station and will do letter-writing or phone calling if I can be of service.

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